Our program is focused on security products. We give teams the access they need to excel. We are Build Sec Foundry.

Our program is focused on security products. Our network is built to provide the access necessary to validate, test and deploy new disruptive technology. Our focus is on teams and how we surround them with the resources necessary to excel. We are Build Sec Foundry.


We’re not an accelerator, although our program will absolutely accelerate the growth of your startup. We’re an incubator, focused on product, and built around the needs of founders.


The Build Sec program places a heavy emphasis on validation of security product technology and access to networks and relationships that will produce early customer bases and investor attention.

Program Alumni Companies

Resource Partnerships

We are continually learning from our portfolio companies about the most pressing resources, services and needs they have while in the early-stage life cycle of a startup.

We have built strategic partnerships with some of the best firms and organizations in Central Texas that are ready to support our companies through services, offerings and counsel.

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